The complete programmatic ad management and delivery platform for startup and mature networks

About us...

RTSMedia is a unique project created by our team for reaching the best results in the industry of internet marketing. It is Digital Advertising Platform, Ad Serving System bringing all feature-rich tools for advertising needs together in one place.
Don't let your business be hemmed in by template reports that only tell half the story. Use our sophisticated reporting suite or API solution to create information rich, highly customised reports and get access to all the insights you need. We provide more efficient and cost effective tools to manage all online advertising and campaign needs.
A programmatic management and delivery platform for startup and mature direct ad networks. Strategically, the company is focused on enhancing its platform to provide its partners with a rich set of features aimed specifically at optimising their revenues.
All of our products are modular and easily inter-operate with all other point solutions used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.
RTSMedia has a close working dialogue with the networks who use the platform and this is an essential ingredient to ensure stays at the leading edge of Ad Management and Delivery Technology. RTSMedia is a global dynamic creative adserver. We thrive to improve campaign performance with creative optimization technology. Our comprehensive solutions help industry leading companies achieve incredible ROI and acquire their target audiences more effectively.

Why us?

IT Technologies

Our custom coded software solutions include everything from complete ad platform systems to modular feature upgrades and hardware consulting for the digital advertising business. We don't sell ad space, we create the software that sells ad space the best.


Our company has years of marketing experience and extensive knowledge on which strategies work best in the digital world. Our goal is to ensure quality traffic, service, and to help save you the time necessary to search and locate effective websites to advertise on. Our understanding in customer service, technology, sales, and account management enables us to deliver and meet the advertising results you require.

Ad Serving Solutions

RTSMedia is focused on giving the best solutions for our advertisers, ensuring the right ad reaches the right user at the right time. We develop technologies to generate high-quality traffic and help you reach your target audiences through various channels. RTSMedia thoroughly scans every potential supply partner before being accepted, which means you can feel secure and focus on getting the most satisfying results.
Analyze & manage all your activity from one place Our powerful and intuitive real-time dashboard allows you to view all your activity from one place. Ad Server Dashboard is designed to deliver insights, enable management & empower smart decision-making. Customize your dashboard to put your most important metrics in the spotlight.
Maximize yield optimization in waterfalls & demand ad tags Our server-side optimization integrates seamlessly with the client-side logic for full-stack ad optimization. RTSMedia uses machine learning taking into accounts dozens of factors to identify trends and optimize for results for you.
Unlimited flexibility to manage your data Create entities and manage your data using our full API coverage. Establish any kind of integration with demand partners – API, Server-to-Server, Open RTB, or anything else.
Advanced Detection & Prevention RTSMedia uses a mix of in-house algorithmic filter and leading fraud detection tools. We thrive to have the cleanest, most responsible, and most effective ad ecosystem available. RTS Media OU owns a сreative advertising platform under the River Traffic brand.